First, let me confess that the reason why I'm suggesting this is that I just inadvertantly front-paged rather than approving a node.

I would like to suggest that a node can only be front-paged after it has been approved - rather than allowing the choice to front page to auto-approve as at present.


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Re: Possible change to node approval/frontpage process
by BrowserUk (Patriarch) on Sep 13, 2002 at 13:04 UTC

    I'd take that a step further and bring the front-paging into line with the consideration process and have it require at least two votes and maybe the full five before it went through.

    A few times I've though a node should be FP'd but not done so because I also wished to respond to it. If it to more than my vote, then I wouldn't face the dilemma of only doing one or the other.

    I've also seen some stuff out there that I wouldn't have voted for FPing. If it took more than one person's opinion, that would be less likely to happen.

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Re: Possible change to node approval/frontpage process
by shotgunefx (Parson) on Sep 13, 2002 at 12:42 UTC
    Good idea. While care should be taken when approving/front-paging it is an easy enough mistake when you're bleary-eyed.


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      It's not really the end of the world if you hit the frontpage checkbox instead of the approval one, however.

      IMO, if the node is good enough to be approved, then it's good enough for the Monastery Gates, too. Remember that the front gates are what new users and current users see first when they hit the website. Therefore, all nodes across a wide criteria of selection should be considered for the front page.

      This is discussed more in-depth here, where you will also find the following quote:

      It is good practice to only front-page nodes that are well-written/formatted, are not too long (or contain a READMORE tag), or contain information relevant to the Front Gates audience -- often newest. Also keep in mind that, if required, the site janitors can revoke front-page approvals.

      There has been a lot of debate on the site about when to front-page nodes and what the appropriate criteria should be. Opinions range from front-paging only nodes with a reputation above $NORM (the average node reputation over the last week) to front-paging everything that is approved if it's length is appropriate (or has been edited to include a READMORE tag). Many monks agree that the front page is what most new visitors to the site see first, so it is therefore important for the nodes on that page to convey a good impression and show what "PerlMonks is all about". For many monks that means interesting questions, for others it is good discussions, and for others it is something else entirely.

      My own interpretation of that is simply 'if a node is good enough to be approved, then it's good enough for our monastery gates, too'. And the wider the audience we can keep interest when they hit the front page, the better.

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        A very good point. To be honest, I almost always go directly to newest nodes. I remember a couple discussions on this where the majority of people felt that the Gates should be representitive of what's going on inside.

        Still, from a UI perspective it a good point.


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Re: Possible change to node approval/frontpage process
by sauoq (Abbot) on Sep 14, 2002 at 07:51 UTC
    I just inadvertantly front-paged rather than approving a node.

    That's nothing!

    I just inadvertantly considered a node rather than send a /msg in the chatterbox. How's that for a fumble?

    I like the idea.

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      That is easily fixed in your User settings by adding the following code to your style sheet:
      #approval_nodelet input[type="text"] { background: #ffcccc; }

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        Thanks for /msging me the tip. With a CSS savvy and your tip it is difficult to mistake the approval box and the regular talk box. I know I am a big offender. :( Too bad I am generally using links-graphic which does not know about css.

        May be a two-step process that can be disabled from the user settings would be nice.

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