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Re: XML::Parser Encoding (UTF-8 -> ISO-8859-1)

by jkahn (Friar)
on Sep 12, 2002 at 00:49 UTC ( #197126=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to XML::Parser Encoding (UTF-8 -> ISO-8859-1)

I'm not an expert on Text::Iconv (I prefer Unicode::String, it seems to be more portable) but I know a little about Unicode encodings.

A couple of notes, some of which may be relevant. Forgive me if you know all this -- I figured it might be useful to somebody who's looking for this kind of information, even if it doesn't necessarily help Emanuel:

  1. ISO-8859-1 doesn't have the richness to encode every possible character from UTF-8. Many Eastern European characters (not to mention South and East Asian characters) cannot be encoded in ISO-8859-1. There just aren't enough bits. Are there characters in your data outside the range (U+0000 .. U+00FF) ?
  2. Perl's internals are in UTF-8, so the fact that print outputs correct-looking data may be because Text::Iconv is not doing it's job correctly (or you're not using the feature the way it's intended). In other words, if your data is *still* in UTF-8, then it will probably print correctly.
  3. If you're using .nix or cygwin, then you probably have the od (octal dump) tool available, which I find indispensable for determining codeset issues (editors like vi and emacs tend to operate at too high a level, because they try to interpret the encoding for you and things "look fine" even when they're in the wrong encoding). I use:od -a all the time to figure out whether I've used encoding tools correctly.

HTH, jkahn

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Re: Re: XML::Parser Encoding (UTF-8 -> ISO-8859-1)
by Emanuel (Pilgrim) on Sep 12, 2002 at 01:28 UTC
    Hello, thanks for the reply

    It has to be ISO-8859-1, or Latin-1. I don't have any Asian Characters in it.

    The second point mention could be true I guess. Think i'll have to do more digging into that. Hope i'll find something this way, although I thought I'm doing it the right way, I might easily be wrong.

    I've been using hexdump and calculated to octal, didn't know about od.. you never stop learning.

    thanks for your reply, i'll get working on Text::Iconv.

    Here's a sample output, i quickly hacked in..:

    Before Conversion: Live Fußball: Bundesliga, 3. Spieltag
    After Conversion: Live Fußball: Bundesliga, 3. Spieltag

    dumped it to a file, checked it with od and hexdump, but it looks correct.. still in the dB it appears as in Bevore Conversion.

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