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Hello wise monks

I'm running into a problem, and I can't seem to find any solution to it for the past 2 days. Here's what it's all about:

o I got an UTF-8 encoded XML file
o I parse it in and want to write some parts of it to a mysql database, ISO-8859-1 encoded

Everything is working fine, i'm reading the XML in, creating a hash out if it with XML::Parser, data gets written to MySQL aswell, but when I check the data in the table, it's UTF-8 again.

So I started playing with Text::Iconv, and came to this:

--- some stuff above --- $parser->parsefile(shift @ARGV, ProtocolEncoding => "ISO-8859-1"); --- some stuff inbetween --- my $converter = Text::Iconv->new("UTF-8","ISO-8859-1"); while (my($key,$value)=each(%attrs)) { push (@value_stack, { $key=>$value }); if ($program_hash{$current_filmid}{$key} eq '') { $program_hash{$current_filmid}{$key} = $conver +ter->convert($value); } else { if ($key ne "EventId" && $key ne "KanalId") { $program_hash{$current_filmid}{"$key.$ +value"} = $converter->convert($value); } } } --- some stuff below ----

When I print the values out (eg: print $converter->convert($value)."\n"; ) it looks correct (eg ISO-8859-1 encoded), but when writing to the DB, it's UTF-8 again (meaning all special chars, like etc are some weird chars like | etc...).

I'm really going nuts here, and would appreciate any help provided for this.

If more of the source is needed just tell me.

Thanks in Advance