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Re^3: how could i make "them" understand that security IS important ?

by schumi (Hermit)
on Sep 11, 2002 at 07:05 UTC ( #196879=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: how could i make "them" understand that security IS important ?
in thread how could i make "them" understand that security IS important ?

They can't fire you anymore, true, but as merlyn's case proves, you might find yourself at the wrong end of some serious legal action, however well meant your intentions are.

I am concerned with security myself, too, a lot, in fact. And I, too, have a hard time selling it to the big shots of my company. Although contrary to you I found that already the first hint at immense costs that can be saved helps (That I save myself a lot of repair work as well doesn't seem to phase them at all... oh well.)

When your bosses are so non-insightful (is that insightless?) that they won't even agree to a demo, and you're leaving the company anyway, I'd say, let it pass. If nothing happens, they've got more luck than they deserve - not very probable. If something happens, they don't deserve better, it's none of your concern anymore, and they might (!) realise that you were right.


Note: I am aware that what I'm saying here is bad practice. Evil. I would not normally do this, ever! Even deliberately crashing your system for demonstration purposes sends shivers down my spine. Letting your security slide like this cannot be anything else than the ultimate measure!


Update: Having submitted this, I realised that this is actually my 50th post. Whoheee! :)


There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls. - George Carlin

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Re: Re^3: how could i make "them" understand that security IS important ?
by iza (Monk) on Sep 11, 2002 at 15:28 UTC
    thanks :) there's a lot of very insightful posts here, and all very nice. And i'll be following the main advice, that is : don't take it too personal, you're leaving anyway ;] !! yes, i shouldn't really care for them anymore now - just, as you adviced me, make clear that this is not MY decision to lower security. It's just that i felt like i failed - it was important to me to sensibilize my co-workers to security, and i didn't manage to.
    Anyway, i had a gooooood interview today and the company i'm targetting has a strong, skilled security department :). I won't have this kind of trouble anymore, then, hopefully ! (but loaaads of new problems, hopefully too, else i might get bored ;] !)

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