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Re: Project Board

by moxliukas (Curate)
on Aug 31, 2002 at 19:57 UTC ( #194379=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Project Board

I think this is an idea worth considering. Of course there are tools like sourceforge where it is almost an ideal place to host an open source project and where you can also join Perl specific projects.

However there are also drawbacks: the projects currently hosted on are few and they seemed pretty complicated (well, at least for me... I am also looking for a project that I could give a hand and learn something new at the same time). Sourceforge is a nice place but I do not feel the community feeling that I feel here (of course is a lot smaller than sourceforge AFAIK).

Incorporating CVS and mailing lists and what-not in everydevel engine is probably quite difficult (or at least would take a significant coding time), so if there are any projects emergging from Perlmonks users, they should probably hosted somewhere else like on sourceforge, however, a message in the Announcements section I think would be appropriate. One could also keep us all posted about the progress of the project by posting in Perlmonks (either in Announcement section if it is about to announce a new release or in Meditations if it would be asking for feedback or in SoPW if it was concerning a Perl problem). If the number of these projects grow, a special node could be made listing them all and providing some background information.

Just a thought.

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