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Regarding one's rapidity (word?) in building rank, I believe that it is quite simple for someone to advance significantly in a short time-frame. Perhaps the place for this is in Meditations or Discussions but I have long thought that in addition to a certain XP level, perhaps a minimum number of posts or something similar could be incorporated into the process.

I've seen a few people (and I include myself) who are relatively new to Perlmonks, and perhaps a bit new to many of the rules and procedures (I still have to check the FAQ every time I want to link to a node or link in the CB) who have one or two good posts, and have been carried by that into Monk-dom. Again, I point an accusational finger at myself. I've got a few "this regex doesn't work, can someone please put me to shame with one line" requests, a "someone tell me to use a templating system instead of writing my own from scratch" question, and even a few "I'd like to do something with this method, which isn't even close to any of the MTOWTDI(s)".

I was more than happy with the 3 or 4 XP I recieved from any of these postings. Imagine my surprise when I logged in one day and had gained 90+ experience from a single well-written opinion post!
Supposedly, the path to enlightenment is through discipline and study... While I've studied a great deal and had a fantastic time here, have I earned a place for my little artwork cidaris? Hard to say.

Quantity not quality? Not what I'm implying at all. But I don't know about reaching Monk on one or two good posts, either.

A side note to the "Powers that Be": Do I want to give up my XP and lose my little monk? Not hardly ;)