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The rule passed down that disallows images under level 5 was created for a reason. There was a time long ago when images were allowed to roam free across the nodefields.

Apparently, for such a rule to be in place, there must be some ethical reason for its creation, probably due to the fact that there was some unethical use of images in homenodes.

Security (which includes bandwidth/database hogging) is a big issue with a website that relies on donations. Why cause more headaches for those that volunteer their time?

mousey, I'm sure your intentions are good, but promoting information in a forum about circumventing security in the same forum isn't that great of an idea. The rule is there for a good reason, and if you wished to challenge its purpose, you have every right to do so. However, you should have not posted a means of breaking the system, rather your opinion and supporting reason to change the system would have been appreciated.

Just my two cents.

Update: after reading theorbtwo's post, I realized that allowing pictures at monk level only seems right. By level five (250XP), a user has been here long enough to know the rules and respect the Monastery. Therefore, that user will be entitled to have a picture hosted on Perl Monks. It is a great privledge, considering they are allowing users to upload 80kb onto the server. If you allowed anyone with an account (including all those "Logged in once, no writeups") to post an image, you'd run out of space very quickly. Assuming that just a quarter of those "LIONW"s posted an image around 40KB, you'd have around 97MB of database that would be essentially useless.

mousey, go for level five, but not for the picture... but for the self-enlightenment :)

John J Reiser