The continuing story of a developer and his quest to solve the problems of business without having a major break from reality.
For parts one and two, read here and here.

What follows is a lesson learned about projects in the corporate world, be they programming, or otherwise.

Chapter One

- In which our hero does another 180°

Eight months have passed since we last left our hero. When last we saw our intrepid adventurer he was hard at work trying to figure out how he as going to implement a certain business to employee portal solution given his limited knowledge (two weeks of training in Chicago) of the product, and its limited capabilites within the scope of his current project's requirements.

Oh, but how things change, dear reader, how things change. In the blink of an eye, in the span of a heart beat, in a sudden moment of uppper-echelon clarity, lightning can strike, decisions can be made, and a lowly programmer's life can be changed (again).

If you'll recall from our previous installment, there was a PoC with our heros choice for a solution and the people in control purchased a small number of user liscenses to grandfather the company into a pricing structure that was about to change. And then things happened which won't be reprinted again, and a decision was made to go with a different (but much "Easier on the bottom line") solution.

Which brings us to the present.

Recently, the powers that be actually realized the futility of trying to:

  1. Implement their choice as an enterprise wide solution
  2. Implement another solution that someone in another group purchased Enterprise wide as a portal OR document management solution
  3. Implement either as an externally facing solution with any kind of hope to security

So they changed gears and decided to go with their inital choice (which was, btw, our hero's FIRST choice, and the company's initial purchase).

Is he Excited?!? - Yes, of course
Is he Frustrated?!? - .-=*Answered deleted due to improper, vulgar language and "terrorist like" threats*=-.?
Is he Ready to finally do what he has been ready and wanting to do for almost three years?!? - Hell yeah, baby, Bring it!!

Chapter Two

- In which our hero scambles to get everything in place, and he only has 90 days

Servers need to be ordered, others shifted from their current in-house duties, a DEV environment needs to be layed out, and an action plan designed, rolled up and implemented.

Our hero only has 45 days left, his servers are being racked today, audited next week, and loaded with software the moment after.

Now all he has to do is not crack before the initial roll-out. And then, of course, the real work begins...

To Be Continued...


Lesson Learned: It has come to my attention that major players in the Portal Market are actually reading these, and requesting more information. Becareful what you publish, you might just lose you anonymity.

The next chapter: Chapter 4

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