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by Django (Pilgrim)
on Aug 18, 2002 at 14:57 UTC ( [id://190985] : user . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Musician, Grafic Designer and Developer,
Freak since the day I was born in 1977.
Voodoo Chile.

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Chmrr is sad that the Annals of Improbable Research article on determining how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood (involving 2x4s fed at a rate equal to Planck's constant) isn't online.

<ehdonhon> Q: How many microsoft employees does it take to change a light bulb?
<ehdonhon> A: None, they just define a new standard for darkness.
<abitkin> Who needs light?

demerphq gets frustrated with various serialization modules and their failures to handle cyclic-selfreferential structures.
<Flexx> poor boy.. ;)
<Flexx> Didn't we tell you not to play around with CSRS...
<Flexx> But they won't listen.. Never listen...
<Flexx> Doesn't help much, huh, demerphq? :||

graq bimbles.
<Aristotle> bimbles?
<graq> Is there an easy way to 'cd ..' using Net::FTP without using cdup?
katgirl wurbles
<graq> Have you never bimbled?

katgirl laughs maniacally
rdfield hears a faint refrain of "they're coming to take me away..."
<Django> hears a booming "For whom the bell tolls..."
katgirl whispers... today PerlMonks... tomorrow... the world... muahahaha!
<rdfield> Eek!
<dws> ha ha ho ho he he
rdfield wonders if the power of Perl is going to some monks' heads?
<Django> Tweet

<hacker> I just got the weirdest phone call: (ring) "Hello?" (no sound) "HELLO?!" (mechanical male recorded voice) "I'm sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number." (click). I *69'd it, but they blocked ANI. What the hell was the point of that call?
<kschwab> It's the gay mafia.
<Django> or a poor deluded mechanical guy
<John M. Dlugosz> It could be a safty on a fax macchine trying to send something!
<kschwab> polite war-dialer ?
<Zaxo> checking if the wiretap works
<John M. Dlugosz> FWIW, if the first "Hello" doesn't work, hang up. It's a telemarketer who's slow noticing he has a live one.
<sauoq> Maybe it was Stephen Hawking and you just thought his voice was recorded.

dthacker is back in the office beating the email server senseless
theorbtwo suggests threats. "If you do that again, I'll pull the traces from your circuit-boards with a rusty pair of neadle-nose!"

<katgirl> ding-a-ding dang my dang-long ling-long
<Django> feep
<katgirl> Woah, they don't make them like that any more...
katgirl scratches her ear with her foot
<virtualsue> blue blue blue blue moon
<virtualsue> dit dit dit dit
Django tries it too and falls off his chair
<fruiture> "Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow" said Tom Bombadil

<dswimboy> how do you stop execution of a program?
<BrowserUk> Petition the Govenor before Modnight!
<BrowserUk> Or Midnight even. :)

NodeReaper uses map in void context, and laughs maniacally

ChemBoy looks at abitkin's code and observes that the horrendously complex map statement he wrote the other day has apparently had karmic side-effects

<adamsj> I get so confused by those big words.
<blaze> ding-a-ding dang my dang-long ling-long
<Django> lol
blaze trips over a social norm, gets up and trips again.
<defyance> that banner just cracked me up!
Django .o0(should have skipped that last gargleblaster..)

<bigbird> format
Django thinks of formats as a very sexy feature!
katgirl stares at bigbird hungrily
theorbtwo doesn't think of formats at all, generaly.
FoxtrotUniform thinks of FORMAT in Lisp, and shudders
katgirl whispers in Django's ear... format... format...
theorbtwo thinks of katgirl's flirtation as a feature.
Django is getting horny...
podmaster goes to fetch the de-horning shears

and all is quiet...
<wiki> blah
<BrowserUk> Shhhh! .oO( Damn rowdies!)

Mr. Muskrat yawns
Djangos modem snores softly on the floor
jens begins to pluch a banjo...

<defyance> OK, my turn for a question.. Is there any perlmonk style markup for the &lta href:mailto> tag??
belg4mit lends defyance a semi-colon, of which he has many
<theorbtwo> defyance, no, unless you count homenode links.
<belg4mit> defyance not that I know of, and I wouldn;t think it's really something we'd want to encourage?
jeffa pokes belg4mit
belg4mit peeks under the skirt of a passing frosh...
defyance notices taht belg4mit used one of those spare semi-colons..
<defyance> thats all I needed to know, thanks ;-)
<belg4mit> jeffa wut?
<jeffa> mu
<Mr. Muskrat> "Mu is the sound a cow makes in Sweden" - source unknown
<rbc> nw