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Re: Re: Perl black book

by Hanamaki (Chaplain)
on Aug 14, 2002 at 13:40 UTC ( #190068=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Perl black book
in thread Perl black book

While looking at the worst nodes I saw your node, read it and imediatly upvoted it, because I think your opinion does not deserve to get downvoted. To be honest, IMHO, it does not deserve to get upvoted either. But this is a different story. While I think that I understand your anoyance, I will try to comment at first on your node:

Well well, I am quiet amazed at the emotion that this little comment stirred. I'll add a few more things.
Okay, I listen.

A. My system guys, who are programmers, started to rely on it, even though t hey have the camel book.
While this doesn't tell us wether the book is good or bad, it does give us valuable information about what happens in the real world. Except for some morons, this kind of information won't be a reason to downvote.

B. I am not an American, so my English can't be perfect.
Probably you should feel honored. Your English seems to be that good, that someone thought it is your native language. From my own experience I can say, at this site I have never seen a known non-native speaker of English to get flamed, because of his writing skills. I am a non-native speaker of English, too.

C. I wrote it for non programmers mainly. My scripts are made of very few lines
Here I cannot follow your logic. While I understand that you write for non programmers and your scripts are only a few lines long, I don't get the conection of this statements.
(Semantic alert: "Programmers defined as professional programmers etc. Non programmers defined as people who do some programming, but programming is not close to be the main part of the job.)

D. Maybe I wasn't articulate enough, but what I meant was that the camel book takes for granted that I am skilled in UNIX. I am not, so this book can clearly not be suitable for me, right? That should also clear up something about reasons to prefer one book over the other.
Accepted! Only morons will vote you down or critize you for this opinion. (Disclaimer: I never use Windows. I would hate to use windows. Yes, for me Linux or Unix is the way to go, but I am not into OS wars. Everybody should use what he wants.)

E. You don't need to a programmer in order to be a geek.
F. You don't need to be a geek in order to be a programmer.

Exactly my opinion! ... But were did this geek topic came up?

G. People, the earth is polluted, terrorists are commiting horrible crimes, so save your energy for something a little more important than someone's taste in programming books.
Yeah, we know about this horrible world and some may consider suing there parent s for giving birth and pressuring them to live in such an dangerous world.
"How can any sane person give money to the Perl Foundation while you could save with the same amount of money one or more children in Africa?" or "How can a intelligent person write a book review, participate at Perl monks, etc. while the world is in such a bad shape?" comes to mind. Is leaving Perl monks and joining the Red Cross the way to go?
Here you use manipulative language, probably a reason for some of us to downvote you.

Come on, lets relax. While this whole discussion is in your thread most of the nodes don't comment on your review, but are basically a new topic about book reviews. Yes, that should have become a new thread discussing Perl Monks and Book Reviews. The whole stuff wasn't meant against you.
Just one last word. Even if a new review of you won't have more content than this one, for me it would be a pleasure to read it. Actually, I would like to have as much reviews as I can get on any single book. Reviews are seldom duplicate work.

sincerly yours,

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