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I suppose I should be more specific. The perl script will allow the user to select from a menu of 1 to x of possible instances of a program. We have a setup script that runs like this:setup_env [INSTANCE_NAME] where INSTANCE_NAME is something like nm09 or op01. In this instance, it looks like exit() will not work because exit() sends EXPR as an integer.

I suppose I could substr() out the first two letters of the parameter and pass the 09 or 70 or whatever through to the shell script and have it do that. (But then wouldn't I be better off writing the whole thing as a shell script?)

UPDATE: The problem is that we are writing the kshell wrapper to ensure that the environment is setup, rather than contained in a subshell which is gone once the perl program stops running.

Is this possible with IPC, or would it be easier to just write to disk and read the file from the kshell?