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Re: only allow certain parameters

by Ovid (Cardinal)
on Aug 09, 2002 at 22:45 UTC ( #189082=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to only allow certain parameters

Right off the bat, this is what I thought of:

sub balance_by { my ($self,$entry) = @_; my %valid_params = map {$_ => 1} qw/ foo bar /; $self->{'balance_by'} = (defined $entry and exists $valid_params{$ +entry}) ? $entry : 'foo'; return $self->{'balance_by'}; }

The only real change is the removal of the unless logic. What that does is set the "balance_by" if you have a valid $entry>, else it sets it to the default "foo". However, it seems to me that you wanted a one-time setting of balance_by that could not be changed. Is that correct? In your code "foo" will only be used as a default on the first pass.

So, if I understood what you wanted, my code will always set balance_by to $entry if you have a valid $entry. If it's not valid, it sets it to "foo".


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