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Re: Hording books and manuals.

by Daruma (Curate)
on Aug 09, 2002 at 05:20 UTC ( #188828=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Hording books and manuals.

Greetings, Monks!

In my ploffice, (read: playroom/office), I have my current collection of books. These are the only ones I've prevented my wife from trading, selling or discarding. One entire shelf is devoted to O'Reilly titles. Some spines are pink, some maroon, several orange, most are blue. Other shelves in the computer section of my home library include current and outdated programming and operating manuals. I even have managed to hold on to several motherboard manuals from formerly owned PC's. (Never know when they'll come in handy!)

Other shelves contain numerous religious texts, foreign language texts, many tomes of untapped chess openings and strategies, and literature. I am loathe to give up my dog-eared school paperback edition of The Catcher in the Rye, or the oft loaned copy of Ender's Game.

Emergency Reading Material
One of my interesting book habits related to my hoarding tendency is the concept of Emergency Reading Material. My wife enjoys no end of teasing and amusement regarding this concept. In a nutshell, I will take at least one, often two or more books with me on even the shortest of trips. By short, I am including trips to the grocery store. I may have an opportunity to squeeze in a paragraph or a whole page at a moment's notice! In the unlikely event that a flat tire or other minor unfortunate event interrupts my planned excursion, I may have the opportunity to churn through an entire chapter. My Emergency Reading Material will typically be on the topic of the day/week for me. The Camel has happily accompanied me on numerous jaunts.

As a business traveller, this concept intensifies when I plan for a week long trip. The Perl CD Bookshelf has greatly reduced my packing limit concerns. I must plan ahead for many types of emergencies. (Airports are wonderful places to exercise the concept of Emergency Reading Material!)


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