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Re: Re: (RhetTbull) Down with Censorship!

by RhetTbull (Curate)
on Aug 02, 2002 at 00:09 UTC ( #186968=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: (RhetTbull) Down with Censorship!
in thread Silly "encryption".....just for fun ;)

Grow up.
In my post, I didn't attack you, I didn't say you were stupid, I didn't say you shouldn't participate in the monastery. I didn't say you should be censored (as you imply). Heck, I didn't even downvote your node. I did give my opinion why I thought you shouldn't post such code here. If you are learning perl and have a question about your code, then it would have been (in my opinion) perfectly acceptable for you to post your snippet in the SOPW. But you didn't, you posted in in Cool Uses for Perl when in fact your code wasn't a cool use for perl (again, my perfectly valid opinion). Posting here thus implies that this is cool code that others might find interesting or useful. Having seen others make mistakes in the past by making such assumptions about such poor "encryption" I gave a warning. I was trying to help out you and others who might come later. I'm sorry if you got your feelings hurt.

Also, your comment of "not to mention that would fall under the category of NMFP" shows a genuine lack of maturity. Perhaps you could learn a thing or two about interacting with others in a nice way by watching the posts of, as you put it, the "smart cats like merlyn." As a member of this fine monastery, I do care about the other users. All the code I post *IS* MFP. If I post code that I think is dangerous or bad, I'll tell people. It's called responsibility.

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Re: Re: Re: (RhetTbull) Down with Cryin' about it, actually...
by Guitarded (Novice) on Aug 04, 2002 at 08:13 UTC
    No apology necessary--my feelings aren't hurt.

    Actually, I wasn't meaning to hurt your feelings either...I just thought it sounded like you were crying about it, rather than taking note of the little slice of The History of Encryption (at least so far as AutoComp '97 is concerned).

    But your condescending, chiding tone is grating, and what you said was off the subject.

    Anyone who wants to take that code and use it to encrypt credit card-related data will have to take Responsibility for their own ASSumptions. I have great faith that none of the readers here would mistake what I posted for strong encryption.

    The real problem here is that all you had to contribute in your 2 posts was a condescending admonishment. Your valid opinion that the code is not cool enough for you is an assertion of your coolness. Genuine lack of maturity, I guess...

    I care about the other users too. If I had dangerous code, I wouldn't post it. But even if I did, safety remains a matter of attitude.

    I agree to disagree on whether what I posted was dangerous.


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