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that's how I do it (I know it isn't perlstyle, it's just how I do it):
if( A and B and C ) { # ... } # I drop the extra space when doing 'or': if(A or B or C ) { # ... } # I super-indent when booleans are composite: if( A and ( B or C ) and D ) { # ... }
I *always* leave parentheses on a line by its own, because too often I have to add an 'or C1' that I didn't thought of.

this also goes for lists, BTW. I *always* leave the last dangling comma (many, many times I wish I could do it in C):

my @array = ( $one, $two, $three, );
__END__ $_=q,just perl,,s, , another ,,s,$, hacker,,print;