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Re: how do I extract contact data from websites?

by schumi (Hermit)
on Jul 13, 2002 at 19:58 UTC ( #181520=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to how do I extract contact data from websites?

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Hi there, and welcome to the Monastery!
You don't really say exactly what kind of data you are looking for. So while we are waiting for you to go into further details, I'll just quickly point out two directions in which you might go:

  • You have a website and want to know data about your visitors. While you could just look this up in your logfiles, you could also look at CGI which helps you to extract things like referer and username if they have to login etc. It seems to me that this is not what you want, though.
  • You want to visit a website and get the contact details from the website's admins. For this you might want to look at Net::whois.

Perhaps this isn't at all what you want. In that case forgive me for taking your time and pointing you into the wrong directions.


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