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Anyone else trying desperately to make Perl work in the ASP.NET environment? I have been for a long while, but I keep running into unusual errors, and finding help or even documentation is a nightmare.

For instance, right now I have a web server set up with the .NET framework running VB.NET scripts flawlessly, but the ASP object model($Response, etc) never seems to be initialized, so $Response->Write yields "can't call method Write on an undefined value."

*sigh* If only I didn't work at a company that's a whore to Microsoft, I wouldn't have to deal with such things. If anyone else out there has been developing Perl ASP.NET applications and can offer any help, I'd be very appreciative. Until then, I guess I'll continue my futile attempts at making it work via shotgun debugging and educated(but not nearly as much as I'd like) guesses.