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Re: Usage of tools

by ariels (Curate)
on Jul 02, 2002 at 07:23 UTC ( #178782=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Usage of tools

"It depends" on what you (and they!) mean.

Sure, we use our tools. For instance, you are clearly a misguided vim heathen, whereas I program in the light of pure (X)Emacs. Even vi lovers are better than the wimps who "program" Perl using pico. Then there are tagging tools, cross-referencing tools, different modules for profiling, programs for printing code, ... Since we all have Too Much Time, we tweak our tools: syntax highlighting editors, macros, indentation styles, ...

So almost no two environments are alike.

But are we really each building our own tools? Not really. I didn't write my text editor. RMS did, but he still uses other tools he did not write. I pick and choose which Emacs Lisp extensions to add to my basic setup; I occasionally add some Emacs Lisp of my own, but I did not write my own editing environment. I suspect you did not, either.

The solution? Set things up so you can work from any station at your place of work. With centrally-installed Emacs, vi, compilers, perl, and a few other well-chosen components, you get access to your heart's desire (or at least to your less-hated tool).

But how to load your configuration? Usernames are a great help here (too)! When I log on as ariels, I can run Emacs and know it will read ~ariels/.emacs for configuration.

I believe in centrally-installed tools, but with an "open" administration policy: If I want some other tool, I stuff it in ~ariels/bin (or an architecture-dependent subdirectory for a binary). If two more people show an interest, I should be able to ask administration to install it centrally.

Everyone should use mostly centrally-provided tools, but with personal configurations. Woe to the person who forces an editor on me.

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