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Hello All,

I created a simple text file and saved it once in asci format and one more time in unicode format.

now when I run this simple program

#!/usr/bin/perl open MYFILE1, "c:\\junk\\file-ansi.txt" or die; open MYFILE2, "c:\\junk\\file-unicode.txt" or die; print "going to print the asci file\n"; print "------------------------------------------- \n"; while (<MYFILE1>) { print "$_"; } print "\n\ngoing to print the unicode file\n"; print "------------------------------------------- \n"; while (<MYFILE2>) { print "$_"; } close MYFILE1; close MYFILE2;
I see the following output.
going to print the asci file ------------------------------------------- my name is abhishek going to print the unicode file ------------------------------------------- &#9632;m y n a m e i s a b h i s h e k

Why is the unicode file not being read correctly (multi byte?) and how to make the output correct for the unicode file as well (so that it appears, just like the way the asci output is appearing?)

regards, Abhishek.