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Re: Advice on building a CPAN mirror

by crazyinsomniac (Prior)
on Jun 28, 2002 at 10:17 UTC ( #177981=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Advice on building a CPAN mirror

I did it once, now I got a 2cd set (the whole thing is about 1GB right now, give or take a few MB). It's from march of 2002.

The place I mirrored it from is, which most people rsync from (almost all of the active mirrors mirror funnet which is practically always up to date). funnet rocks!!!!!

Visit, and register your mirror with them (or just find the mirror you wish to rsync from).

Just forget about the initial load. It'll take you a about 10 hours or more, depending how many days you stretch it accross (took me about 12 cause I did it over 4 days). This is with a 100MBit connection via

If you want to set up a private/local mirror of CPAN but do not want to advertise it you do not need to contact the CPAN admistrators. You need to assess which of the public CPAN sites would give the best FTP bandwidth for you (during the nighttime, mind) and then contact the email address dst_contact given in the MIRRORED.BY file to learn the best time of the day to do your mirror. Mirroring software is available from CPAN itself.

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