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Re: installing local modules

by cidaris (Friar)
on Jun 27, 2002 at 18:26 UTC ( #177803=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to installing local modules

To answer your side note:
pair Networks (who happen to advertise on this site) in my experience have been excellent. If you're a coder, you've got the freedom to do basically whatever you want, access to MySQl all that. If you're a non-programmer, or would rather not mess with it, they have forms for creating your mail recipes, cronning scripts, etc.

They've always been quick to respond to questions, their rates are reasonable, and they offer decent discounts for bulk purchases.

They also e-mail you if you forget to pay your bill, which has turned out pretty handy ;)

I've hosted 2 sites I've developed with them thus far, and have only had pleasant experiences.


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Re: Re: installing local modules
by gnubbs (Beadle) on Jun 28, 2002 at 06:14 UTC

    I have to agree with cidaris on this one. I maintain an online store for a client, and I think that pair support is amoung the best I have ever worked with. In addition, all of thier systems are very well set up and maintained.

    Their downside is that they are a tad on the expensive side. In my eyes though, they are probably worth the money.


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