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Why not mix and match the OO and the functional? Maybe you have a standard class for performing generic operations on trees, but certain tree-types require particular ops so you can just field those out to coderefs e.g
package Tree::Ops; sub delete { ... } sub join { ... } 1; # ... later sub search { ... } my $tree = Tree::Struct->new( someops => 'Tree::Ops', searchop => \&search );
This has the benefits of re-usability, flexibility and all those funky OO features. Or you could declare the functions straight into the symbol table of said package e.g
sub Tree::Ops::avl_search { ... }
Gaining all the benefits of being in a class while still giving the control to the user[1].


[1] I'm sure I should've used a bunch of OO buzzwords there ... ah well ;-)