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Re: Re: How to debug Net::AIM open() issue

by moof1138 (Curate)
on Jun 23, 2002 at 16:28 UTC ( #176616=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: How to debug Net::AIM open() issue
in thread How to debug Net::AIM open() issue

Thanks Aristotle. I am reading the file in a function, so I will try using a lexical variable to hold the filehandle (did not know you could do that). At work I do not have access to any x86 systems, but I will try it with Linux PPC, and Solaris. I have decided to build a really small test program with fewer dependencies on modules other than Net::AIM, so I can test it at home since I have a K6III running Debian. That way I can see whether it is specific to something in my script, or something going on with the version of Perl & themodules I am using. Though if it is something with my script, I am lost.
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