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XML Schema with Perl

by abhishes (Friar)
on Jun 21, 2002 at 15:53 UTC ( [id://176304] : perlquestion . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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Hello All,

Is there any way I can validate XML documents with XML Schema using perl?

Can I do XML Schema validation with LibXML? if not, from where can I download the PPM for XML schema validator.(I am using Active State Perl on Windows XP.)

If you know of any site on the web which has lot of detailed tutorial on XML and perl then please give me the link.


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Re: XML Schema with Perl
by mirod (Canon) on Jun 21, 2002 at 15:59 UTC
(jeffa) Re: XML Schema with Perl
by jeffa (Bishop) on Jun 21, 2002 at 16:01 UTC
    Check out the new Perl & XML book. Also, check out mirod's Processing XML with Perl.

    (updated - gave code to validate against a DTD, not a schema - sorry)

    UPDATE - sorry you didn't like it abhishes, i found it to be quite informative. Besides, its title is not Advanced Perl & XML. ;)


    (the triplet paradiddle with high-hat)

      I did check out that book but I was quite disappointed by it. Because it contains very basic information. It doesn't really let people let do advanced things.

      I hope the authors really make a 2nd edition of the book (as the subject is very interesting) and provide lots of information.