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Re: How to read each line of a file into a nested array

by crazyinsomniac (Prior)
on Jun 18, 2002 at 09:52 UTC ( #175322=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to read each line of a file into a nested array

Yes. I will only offer reading material, as this truly is basic.

To learn about arrays, and more importantly, why there are no true two dimensional arrays, please read perldata, perlref, perllol, and perldsc. You can skim through the last two (for now), but basically you need to read perlref cause all an AoA (Array of Arrays) is, is an Array of Array references, and you'll need to know all about references.

Second, you'll need to visit your local documentation and read perlfunc, and take a good look at the function split (you'll probably wanna split on whitespace).

That will get you to the point where you can manipulate the data, and populate your data structure as you wish (your AoA).

If you don't know how to open a file, well it's back to perlfunc, and in this case, you're looking for open.

If that is truly the case, you're best off reading perlfaq first, and investing in a book.

If at any point you need further guidance into wading through the documentation, or if you simply don't know all the vast perl resources that are available to you, How to RTFM covers pretty much all of them.

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