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Re: How to know whether question in SOPW is entirely answered or not?

by buckaduck (Chaplain)
on Jun 17, 2002 at 22:09 UTC ( #175206=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to know whether question in SOPW is entirely answered or not?

I personally feel that in many cases a question really has been answered properly, but people simply doesn't like the answers they get. But there are certainly cases such as you describe. And in those cases, the appropriate remedies already exist.

If a poster feels that his question has gone unanswered, he can always post a response which asks for more detailed information. Since most users are notified when there are responses to their messages, this is a good way to get someone's attention.

Unfulfilled users can even post a new question, hopefully being more specific about the part of the question that hasn't (in their opinion) been addressed. While re-posting the exact same question might not be considered acceptable behavior, it should be okay to put a new perspective on an old question. Within reason.


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Re: Re: How to know whether question in SOPW is entirely answered or not?
by Chicken (Initiate) on Jun 17, 2002 at 23:13 UTC
    but there are many cases when they were not replied correctly and author of a question still waits for an answer and in vain, because it has many replies and old enough to notice.

    Let me give an example.

    Question How to do things with WinCE device was quite good, but it probably did not found a right answer at that moment. One person suggested a well-known web resource (well-known because it is in README.wince from 5.8.0pre distribution) second answer cleanly states that someone do not tries to answer but just wants to get a help from on-topic discussion.

    That question is still an open question, and it's gone away unanswered but IMHO have right to wait its answer!

      That's an excellent example. A question was asked and never really completely answered. Possibly because people didn't understand the real question -- after all, the title isn't very specific, is it? Or possibly it wasn't answered because very few of us use Perl on a WinCE system. Anyway, it hasn't really been answered.

      So what?

      There's no law preventing the same person for asking a similar question again. Maybe this time it will be asked with a better subject title and a more clear indication of what information is being requested. Maybe a different group of people will see it this time.

      And if some questions inadvertently go unanswered, then so be it. This is a community discussion site where we volunteer our assistance. It's not a support contract, and nobody has a "right" to receive an answer that satisfies them.


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