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Re: Re: Re: Unlimited number of votes

by shotgunefx (Parson)
on Jun 11, 2002 at 17:02 UTC ( #173563=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Unlimited number of votes
in thread Unlimited number of votes

Personally I didn't vote on your post, but many use it as a YAY or NAY especially on changes to the Monastery. I don't think these are people belittling you, just letting you know they think this is a bad idea. (Though voting/XP can be a touchy subject around here.)

I would have to agree with them. If everyone had unlimited votes, the system would be pretty meaningless. Not that it's always an accurate reflection of the content of a node, but I think it would be even less so.


"To be civilized is to deny one's nature."

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