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Are you looking for fame? Do you want fortune? Need XP? Want to impress a potential significant other? Here's how you can get all these! And do it all with Perl, no less.

As many of you know, the stats pages are written in PHP. There are several pages that produce wonderfully colored bar charts, the most important being your personal XP change chart. The code for the charts is 3rd party stuff, and pretty crappy. It incorrectly handles negative XP, and columns don't always scale correctly.

I'm looking for someone to write a script to produce nearly identical (but correct) graphs to replace the defective PHP graphs. This needs to be done because the server that serves the stats pages needs to be upgraded, and the graphing package fails to compile under the latest versions of PHP.

I'm happy to face the fact that I suck at graphics (hell, most people would say web page design, too). I don't have have the bandwidth available to make these changes, nor the skills to make graphs that look good. I need your help.

You'll get your name on the stats pages (in the Credits section), and a node in this thread for people to vote you up. You'll have my undying gratitude (with that, and $0.79USD, you can get a cup of coffee at McDonalds), and make lots of people happy that the graphs finally work right.

I'll provide the existing PHP code for that section, along with a snapshot of a portion of the stats database. If you're a account holder, you can use the MySQL database there, and I'll install any modules you need for testing. I'll also create a custom copy of the stats pages that link to your script to pull the charts.

If you're seriously interested and have the skills, please, I'd love your help. If multiple people volunteer, I'm at a bit of a loss how to handle that. Best functionality? First finished? Dunno. You can /msg me for information, or follow up in the this thread.


e-mail jcwren