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Hash dereferencing and printing

by Anonymous Monk
on Jun 03, 2002 at 15:14 UTC ( #171255=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Anonymous Monk has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I have a program which returns backup data. It currently uses only one function of a module an I would like to modify it to use others.

Truncated contents of %images:

172 'galahad_1023056445' 173 HASH(0x5cdf98) 'backup_id' => 'galahad_1023056445' 'backup_status' => 0 'backup_time' => 1023056445 'bi_full_time' => 0 'class' => 'MII-AFS-Filesystem' 'class_type' => 'Standard (0)' 'client' => 'galahad' 'id' => 'CC0981'

Truncated contents of %jobs:

68 212844 69 HASH(0x7eff68) 'class' => 'NT-Development' 'classtype' => 13 'client' => 'ahrdev' 'compression' => 0 'elapsed' => 0000037093 'ended' => 1022923736 'filelistcount' => 1 'files' => 'ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES' 'fileslastwritten' => 0 'group' => '' 'jobid' => 212844 'jobpid' => 17667 'jobtype' => 'immediate' 'kbytes' => 295857

 %images and %jobs are populated like this:

my %images = bpimagelist('$record->{client}'); my %jobs = bpdbjobs();

Subroutine which produces desired output:

sub post2Web { my $jRef = shift(); my $infoformat = "%-30s %-40s\n"; ### Base directory of Web database my $base = '/usr/openv/netbackup/jobs/db'; ### Job ID index directory my $jidbase = '/usr/openv/netbackup/jobs/byJobID'; ### make today's client directory if ! exist my $bkup_date = strftime "%Y%m%d", localtime($jRef->{started}); my $wkdir = "$bkup_date/TEST/$jRef->{client}"; mkpath("$base/$wkdir", 0, 0755) unless -d "$base/$wkdir"; ### make directory to hold class/schedule/jobid info my $csdir = "$jRef->{class}/$jRef->{schedule}/$jRef->{jobid}"; mkpath("$base/$wkdir/$csdir", 0, 0755) unless -d "$base/$wkdir/$csdir" +; symlink "../db/$wkdir/$csdir", "$jidbase/$jRef->{jobid}"|| die "$!"; open(INFO, ">$base/$wkdir/$csdir/info") || die "Unable to open/write + $base/$wkdir/csdir/info, $!"; printf INFO $infoformat, "jobid", $jRef->{jobid}; printf INFO $infoformat, "jobtype", $jRef->{jobtype}; printf INFO $infoformat, "state", $jRef->{state}; printf INFO $infoformat, "status", $jRef->{status}; printf INFO $infoformat, "client", $jRef->{client}; printf INFO $infoformat, "server", $jRef->{server}; printf INFO $infoformat, "stunit", $jRef->{stunit}; printf INFO $infoformat, "started", $jRef->{started}; printf INFO $infoformat, "elapsed", $jRef->{elapsed}; printf INFO $infoformat, "ended", $jRef->{ended}; printf INFO $infoformat, "files", $jRef->{files}; printf INFO $infoformat, "Mbytes", $jRef->{Kbytes}; printf INFO $infoformat, "kbytes last written", close INFO; } </CODE<p> What I want to do is incorporate pertinent values from <CODE> %image
in the output.
This separate piece of code will give me the desired output, but I just don't know how to combine the two.
#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w use strict; use NBUX; my $record; my %images = bpimagelist('$record->{client}'); foreach my $key (sort keys %images) { prtID($images{$key}); } sub prtID { my $ref = shift; print "client = $ref->{client}\n"; print "\tid= $ref->{id}\n"; }

Sorry if this is a little verbose; please feel free to say so.

Edit kudra, 2002-06-06 Added readmore

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Re: Hash dereferencing and printing
by talexb (Chancellor) on Jun 03, 2002 at 16:31 UTC
    I'm guessing that what you want to do is pass both hashes into the subroutine. I can suggest two options:
    my %images = bpimagelist('$record->{client}'); my %jobs = bpdbjobs();
    1. Pass by reference

      post2web ( \%jobs, \%images ); ... sub post2Web { my ( $jRef, $iRef ) = @_; ...
    2. Pass using argument hash

      post2web ( { jobs => %jobs, images => %images } ); ... sub post2web ( my ( $Args ) = @_; my $jRef = %{ $Args->[ jobs ] }; my $iRef = %{ $Args->[ images ] }; ...
    Certainly of the two I perfer the second alternative -- about as simple to setup, and further expansion is a piece of cake, complete with backward compatibility.

    --t. alex

    "Nyahhh (munch, munch) What's up, Doc?" --Bugs Bunny

    ps Code not tested. :)

Re: Hash dereferencing and printing
by Russ (Deacon) on Jun 03, 2002 at 16:30 UTC
    If I understand the issue, you just need to pass two hashes to post2Web:
    sub post2Web { my ($jRef, $iRef) = @_; # Now just use $jRef, and $iRef printf INFO $infoformat, 'jobid', $jRef->{jobid}; printf INFO $infoformat, 'backup_time', $iRef->{backup_time}; } # Call it with references to your hashes as you would expect: post2Web(\%jobs, \%images);

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