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Re: Contents of my Office

by buckaduck (Chaplain)
on May 23, 2002 at 22:22 UTC ( #168913=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (OT) Contents of my Office

1 Sun Blade 1000
2 empty Star Pizza boxes

Look closely. Are you sure that those pizza boxes aren't old Sparcstations?

On to my list:

  • Sun Sparc5 running Solaris 7
  • Dell Latitude notebook (with docking station) running Win95
  • Digital PC running Red Hat Linux 7.2
  • Belkin KVM box which lets me use the same keyboard/monitor for all of these
  • HP 2000C printer
  • Cabletron Hub
  • Broken 36GB hard drive boxed up to return to vendor
  • Dilbert page-a-day calendar
  • Stuffed Dogbert doll^H^H^H^Haction figure
  • Stuffed Easter bunny
  • Acrylic sculpture of an alien landscape
  • Lord of the Rings soundtrack
  • Enormous tool box, which I have never ever used
  • 5 coffee mugs. Why would I need five?
  • M&M dispenser
  • Plastic slinky
  • 15 boxes of 10 CDs each containing archived data
  • 10 more boxes of blank CDs. Go, burner, go!
  • 10 O'Reilly books
  • 5 Perl books
  • 8 UNIX books
  • 3 network books
  • 2 Java books
  • 2 JavaScript books
  • 1 Visual Basic book
  • 1 Oracle book
  • Lots of old journals: Dr. Dobbs, S/W Expert, Performance Computing, Linux Journal, ...
  • Hundreds of manuals, many for things which are surely no longer in use here. Time for a spring cleaning.


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