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Re: Re: Re: what does shift do?

by Juerd (Abbot)
on May 19, 2002 at 20:48 UTC ( [id://167709] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: what does shift do?
in thread what does shift do?

sub greet { my $name = shift; print "Hello, $name\n"; } greet('dev2000');

In mod_perl, with Apache::Registry, your script is cached in a sub, and that sub gets the Apache object as its argument. You could of course write this:

$_[0]->send_http_header('text/plain'); $_[0]->print("mod_perl rules!\n");
But it's easier to have a named variable for that, especially when you use other subs and your @_ gets overwritten.

Back to the point, your script:
my $r = shift; ...
is wrapped in a sub so it can be cached:
package Some::URL::Based::Package::Name;use Apache qw(exit);sub handle +r { #line 1 my $r = shift; ... }
And suddenly, it all makes sense.

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