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The game iteself is perl-related.
The questions you have asked have nothing to do with the perl side of it.
Even though that statemenet is true...

jotti said:

I want to test how to implement multiplayer facilities with browser windows redrawn only wen needed, using only HTML with frames

mt2k replies:

Impossible! You will have to use HTML's evil companion, JavaScript, or else you will have to use META refresh tags. META refresh is HTML-only as you said, but it cannot do "only wen needed". Frames are also disgusting. For an ugly demonstration of the evil JavaScript brings, try out mt2k's home node with JavaScript enabled and click around. (Works only in Internet Explorer). If this doesn't convince you of the evilness of javascript, then you are doomed!

Several Monks Scream:

That wasn't help, that was an advertisement for your home node!

mt2k screams back:

Wow, are you smart! First, have an award for Smart Monk of the Week and then notice that it did give him some info too :)

Update: Whoops, you caught me while I am updating my home node some more. So yeah, it is under construction whoops!