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RE: Who voted negative on my node ?

by turnstep (Parson)
on Jun 04, 2000 at 18:12 UTC ( #16293=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Who voted negative on my node ?

> Note to "--" voters : Although it surely made me rethink my node,
> I would have it appreciated much more, if there had been a
> comment added like "Don't be such a smart-ass, be nice" or
> "Please state your problem with the above node more clearly !
> Nobody understands what you are bitchin' about."

I tend to give more positive than negative votes, but I usually let my negative vote speak for itself. Giving a reason every time would just add to the clutter, and not help the overall value of the site at all. Most times, if a question is not clear or needs more information, I will msg the person or reply with a "please clarify" post. Very basic posts that show no effort on the part of the poster to solve it themselves (i.e. perldoc perlfunc) fall into this category. I am more than willing to help people out with problems that may seem simple to me, but I feel that perlmonks should not be a replacement for the perl faq or the Learning Perl book.

This is not meant as a dig on your post - by the very fact that you posted this here, and took some time and thought in doing so, indicates that you are not the type of person who I would vote down without an explanation. I save that for the Anonymous Monks that say: "What does the $_ mean that I keep seeing everywhere?" :)

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