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How is it better than rdist?
Good question? It is written in Perl :-) but rdist users rlogin, and dupes the permissions which might be an easier to maintain solution. I note some other discussions here by fellow perlmonk corion mention rsync which could well be the way to go. This document summarizes the pro's and con's of rdisk v rsync. rsync seems to win hands down.

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by cyclone (Novice) on Jun 04, 2000 at 08:50 UTC
    Ok I'll look at rsync when I get in Monday and see if that'll be a good solution for us. Thanks.

    I still don't understand what autobundle does for me if I can't use it to install a module set. I update the production area only after all beta tests have finished. That could be a week or 5 depending on project scope.