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Re: on wasted votes ...

by agentv (Friar)
on Apr 22, 2002 at 01:33 UTC ( #160967=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to on wasted votes ...

So, my question is how do you manage your votes? Do you, just like me, try to save up as many votes as you can in anticipation of coming across that exceptional node? Or are you always trying to use up all of your votes to at least get a few extra XP for yourself?

...this is an excellent thread (from my perspective) because I am fascinated by communities that have built-in mechanisms for natural ordering.

Not being of enough stature here yet to participate in the voting, I can only speculate about the impact of votes here, but I must say that I've been thinking about it for some time.

A number of people here seem to feel reluctant to cast down votes, and I myself am typically inclined to accentuate the positive. But in most systems, it's important to provide some markers on the negative side of the scale so as to provide a more accurate picture of the continuum.

I would suggest that it could be important to cast at least one negative vote each day, even as you cast positive votes. I believe that with a sufficiently large population, the correct answer will come from the sum of all rating information.

But, it's just a theory I have.

What thoughts are out there about schemes that weight voting, such as counting votes more heavily from citizens with greater stature, and perhaps charging double for negative votes?


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Re: Re: on wasted votes ...
by agentv (Friar) on May 31, 2002 at 18:07 UTC that I've had a chance to participate in the voting for some time, I find that I'm still not using any negative votes on most days.

    I have discovered that I have time to race in here, read for about 20 minutes and grant an up vote to any nodes that I feel contribute to the information worth of the site.

    I find that I'm not usually here for long enough to be stingy with my votes. I have about enough time to search for information that's interesting or useful to me, and read a few things serendipitously, and then I have to go.

    I think that a useful extension to the voting system would be to allow a person to cast multiple votes for a node. We are given a finite number of votes each day, but it would be nice to spend them en masse for a really good (or really bad) node. Perhaps the scheme would still have to contain a built-in natural limit (such as a maximum of three or five votes for a given node).


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