Being an abbot, I have 25 votes to use every day. However, I often find myself left with a substantial number of unspent votes (lets put the average number at 15). Lately, it started to worry me..

I'm wondering if it's a sign of inadequate participation in monastery matters? Or could it be lack of appreciation of nodes posted by other monks (I'd like to hope not!)? This also could be tied to being overly greedy and not willing to spend a vote on an otherwise worthy node. At times I think that I'd rather save a vote for later in case I come across a really exceptional node. Unfortunately, most of the time I end up with a load of 'wasted' votes, that I will never get to use by the end of the day.

So, my question is how do you manage your votes? Do you, just like me, try to save up as many votes as you can in anticipation of coming across that exceptional node? Or are you always trying to use up all of your votes to at least get a few extra XP for yourself?

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