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Re: Modules for console applications

by stefan k (Curate)
on Apr 08, 2002 at 14:37 UTC ( #157448=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Modules for console applications

first of all I'd like to point out that using "just Curses" ain't too bad because it is very well documented: all docs come as manpages with the distribution. OK, this is the C API but man Curses (which is the perl documentation) tells you how to read them for perl.

Then you might be interested in reading the sources of vshnu which is written in perl and uses Term::Screen for the display. Or take a look at this and this thread.

I've been into curses in C/C++ in the last weeks and besides the usual C-preprocesser screws and the fact that not all terminals work as well as good ol' xterm it's been easy and fun.

Regards... Stefan
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Slang alternative
by cpc (Hermit) on Apr 08, 2002 at 18:28 UTC
    I think you should also give a look to Term::Slang.
    The Slang library is supposed to be easier to use and more portable than (n)curses.
    perl -l -e "eval pack('h*','072796e647028222d2d202a0e49636f6c61637022292b3');"

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