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Re: Re: Re: Perl vs. Python: Looking at the Code

by buckaduck (Chaplain)
on Apr 03, 2002 at 18:40 UTC ( #156383=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Perl vs. Python: Looking at the Code
in thread Perl vs. Python: Looking at the Code

<block> The moment you thought that sys.stdout.write was to Python as print is to Perl is the moment I stop reading your post. </block>

I think you're being unnecessarily antagonistic here. You did not address the underlying point of the parent node -- that you had ignored several of Perl's more concise features and focussed only on relatively minor syntax differences. Examples of concise syntax in Perl extend well beyond the list given above. In fact, I repeatedly see claims from Python users that Python is easier to maintain because Perl is too concise! Maybe this isn't true, but you didn't do much to disprove it with your response.

You could at least have explained why his examples were wrong. (At least for the print example. I'm guessing that the other examples are legitimate since you didn't mock them.)

But instead of a reasonable response, you were simply rude. You'll get a much more open discussion about this issue if you can address a dissenting opinion rationally. (And in fact you were quite helpful and courteous in your reply to my personal /msg on this subject.) That's my I downvoted this node, but only this one.

Slightly offtopic: I found it very odd that you couldn't force yourself to finish reading a fairly short reply to your questions, but you could inflict an enormous top-level node on all of us without the benefit of a READMORE tag...


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