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Re: Best way to ensure process is live

by ask (Pilgrim)
on Mar 02, 2002 at 06:51 UTC ( #148784=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Best way to ensure process is live

For monitoring I would try connecting to it; check that it's work spool is not growing larger than X or something else that works for the specific application.

For keeping a daemon alive I usually use the following for that kind of thing. If the process really wants to exit it does so with exit code 10; otherwise it'll get started again.

#!/bin/sh # Keep a daemon running and running and running ... # # Normally starts a process in the background # unless "bg" is given as the second argument. trap '' 1 15 # ignore SIG HUP & TERM PATH=/usr/xpg4/bin:$PATH # Solaris compatibility if test `id -u` = 0 then su - foo -c "$0 $1" & exit fi if test "$1" != "-bg" then echo "$0 $$: Starting $* in background" $0 -bg "$@" & exit fi shift # remove the -bg PROGRAM=$1; shift # get and remove program name while true do echo "$0 $$: Starting $PROGRAM $@" $PROGRAM "$@" < /dev/null status=$? if test $status -eq 10 ; then msg="$PROGRAM $@ exited with status 10 - not restarted" logger -p 'local0.warning' "$msg" echo "$msg" exit 0 fi msg="$PROGRAM $@ exited with status $status - will restart (pa +rent=$$)" logger -p 'local0.warning' "$msg" echo "$msg" sleep 2 done
(replace foo with something else if you want to make sure you always start the program as a specific user).

 - ask

ask bjoern hansen,   !try; do();

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