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Re: Trouble installing modules under Mac OS X

by tfrayner (Curate)
on Feb 21, 2002 at 13:12 UTC ( #146744=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Trouble installing modules under Mac OS X


I take it that since you've got this far you've installed the developer tools, which I think was tricycle's problem.

I've been having related problems doing pretty much the same thing. In the end I installed the DBI and DBD::mysql packages manually. They seem to work fine. The problem I've been seeing with this and other CPAN-based installs is that newer modules apparently depend on perl 5.6.1 rather than the 5.6.0 that ships with OSX. I've compiled perl 5.6.1 and 5.7.2 but they fail a few of the tests run by make test (including one of the POSIX tests) so I'm a bit leery of actually installing them.

On a side note, the fink project is apparently working on providing the DBI and DBD modules; the relevant modules are in the current-unstable tree. Wait a while and the problem might go away :-)


Update: For completeness, I'll just add this pointer to a previous, more comprehensive thread on MacOSX and perl.

Update^2 (belated): Having installed perl 5.6.1 using the instructions codified here (which basically say: ignore my above concerns :P), I've found that the perl -MCPAN -e shell route works (almost) flawlessly. The only significant problem so far has been the DB_File module, which is one of the modules which originally failed make test anyway.

HTH, Tim

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Re: Re: Trouble installing modules under Mac OS X
by Anonymous Monk on Feb 21, 2002 at 22:00 UTC
    Hi Tim, Thanks for the advice. I've installed the developer tools, but as you found, this did not make all my troubles go away.

    As you suggested, I attempted a manual install of DBI. However, this also generated errors. Running the makefile produces the following error:

    Can't locate Digest/ in @INC (@INC contains: blib/arch blib/lib +/System/Library/Perl/darwin /System/Library/Perl/darwin /System/Libra +ry/Perl/darwin /System/Library/Perl /sw/lib/perl5/darwin /sw/lib/perl +5/darwin /sw/lib/perl5 /System/Library/Perl/darwin /System/Library/Pe +rl/darwin /System/Library/Perl /Library/Perl/darwin /Library/Perl/dar +win /Library/Perl /Library/Perl/darwin /Library/Perl /Network/Library +/Perl/darwin /Network/Library/Perl /Network/Library/Perl . /System/Li +brary/Perl/darwin /System/Library/Perl /Library/Perl/darwin /Library/ +Perl /Library/Perl /Network/Library/Perl/darwin /Network/Library/Perl + /Network/Library/Perl .) at blib/lib/ line 8. Compilation failed in require at t/md5.t line 8.<P>
    Any advice on resolving this problem? I've got the idea that perl is not configured to look in all the right places for included modules, but am not sure how to fix this.

    Many thanks,


    Edited 2002-02-21 by Ovid

      Hi again,

      I think that perl is looking in the right places; it's just that MD5 is yet another external module you will have to install. If I recall correctly the Digest::MD5 module installed from the perl -MCPAN interface without any problems.

      Unfortunately, as you've discovered, the catch with manual installation is that module dependencies don't get followed automatically. Of course, for a control freak like me, that's a plus :-)


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