In this node "XSLT vs Templating?", Masem asks about using Templating or XSLT. I read the node carefully as I'm doing a lot of web work at the moment, that is very heavy XML based, as a quick look at my recent postings will verify.

I chose this very provocotive title as I believe that Perl, and possibly open source technologies in general are not percieved as XML frieldly, as Java or even MS!

A quick look at any publisher: ORA; Wrox or Manning, will quickly show a large number of Java/XML, Java/XSLT books, and even Python/XML, but nothing Perl/XML. Why?

The Java "junkies" believe that XML belongs to them, it's almost a given, and the books, and web sites ( and only strengthen this image.

When people compare XML technologies, Perl normally doesn't even get a mention, it's normally this Java Parser versus that one, and then there's MSXML, but that's it. Everyone in the XML industry has heard of Cocoon, how many people know AxKit?

I've been playing with Perl/XML for a year or so now, and have found that there are the tools out there to get things done.

There is now a selection of parsers, and a selection of tools built on them. We have W3C standard interfaces: DOM, XPath, and Perl style interfaces: Twig, Simple. XML::LibXML is even very fast???

Why do people say "Java/XML" and not "Perl/XML"? What is wrong with us?