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by dada (Chaplain)
on May 22, 2000 at 17:59 UTC ( #14199=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

the image above is © 2001 BERKELEY BREATHED

as seen on the chatterbox:

<crazyinsomniac> oh my god, it's win32 dada


I'm a Perl Hacker (yes, just another of those).

I developed some Perl modules & s‎crip‎ts that you can find on my homepage at

my biggest project is Win32::GUI, a native Win32 Graphical User Interface toolkit.

I'm also a proud co-author of this book.

I used to mantain the Great Win32 Computer Language Shootout, a massive benchmark suite to compare about 30 different languages (ranging from Perl to C, from Java to C#, from Lisp to Haskell etc. etc.). it's getting very very old, unfortunately. if you have a dedicated Windows box on which I could run it, feel free to contact me.


$_=q,just perl,,s, , another ,,s,$, hacker,,print;


these are only the CPAN-related todo items (the ones with "free stuff" priority (eg. low, low and lower)):
  1. release a new version of Win32::GUI (currently maintained by Robert May, yay!)
  2. release a module called (ad interim) Lingua::IT::Num2Text (done by TheHobbit)
  3. add UNICODE support to Win32::Clipboard
  4. add wave recording support to Win32::Sound
  5. fix some nasty bugs in Win32::API and add Win32::API::StructArray (currently maintained by Cosimo, yay!)
  6. expand the irregular verb list for Lingua::IT::Conjugate

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