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I know I am little late with my answer, but, here it goes anyway...

I was looking into the same issue couple months ago for my son (11 years) and he just loves GameMaker. It is something like LEGO to build your own games - sometimes open-source, so you can peek how cool tricks are done.

Article here in PM is Learning how to program (for youngsters of any age). And BTW I love to play with GameMaker, too. Simple playable game you can create in an hour or less.

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Re: Re: Teaching The New Generation
by growlf (Pilgrim) on Dec 05, 2001 at 02:38 UTC
    WOW! That GameMaker link was a real winner for all three of them! It looks quite nice and will help keep the interest in continuing. Thank you for that tip!

    The Lego MindStorms was another that I had tried a year ago (it still sits in the box on the shelf - the COMPLETE set with all of the modules and available add-ons for it (including all three "brains" and the camera, not to mention the starwars set). *sigh* I think it was too far too fast at the time. Looks cool, but too far of a first leap.

    I have a funny feeling that when i get home tomorrow morning in the early AM, my kids and I will be avidly downloading and trying things out the rest of the day. The page and info alone got my attention and I heartily agree with you in that [id://Learning%20how%20to%20program%20%28for%20youngsters%20of%20any%20age%29|post] - it looks FUN! I had to download the tank game and play it - lost an hour with that... specially when my business partner came over to see what was so entertaining and logged in another terminal to play it as well. We chalked it up to a great "motivational" lunch *grin*