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Some weeks ago I spent half a Sunday on writing the beginnings of a web based newsreader. One of the things I am missing is threading. I was planning to implement jwz's threading stuff from in Perl, but I haven't had time. Does anyone have suggestions for other algoritms?

I am making it to work with the nntp server. If you didn't know, then the "newsserver" I use is colobus ( which serves directly from the ezmlm archives. It's supposed to replace the MHonArc archives at

I have put the current Mason components up at If anyone wants to hack new features into it, then I'd be most grateful and be happy to put it up on, of course with proper credits.

To make the threading more efficient I've been considering letting the web interface access colobus' BerkeleyDB databases directly, or export separate BerkeleyDBs with the relevant data for use in the web interface.

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