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Hey all! It's been a while since I last really worked with Perl - with my school completely moving to Java, and with my classes taking up nearly 100% of my time, I haven't had a chance to dive into a big 'ol project lately - well, now I going to.

Basically, I am fiddling around with Filesys::SmbClientParser (sorry, I forgot the PM syntax for linking to modules - any help?), which parses the output of the smbclient binary. My problem is that sometimes I get error messages that are of no importance, but that are sent to STDERR - I want to be able to catch these error messages before they get to the screen and send them somewhere more useful (a log, maybe).

As I have been working with Java a lot lately, I am hooked on Exception Handling in Java, and it seems like this would be a similar situation - however, I have never worked with any of Perl's error handling (is there any?) capabilites, so I am lost with what to do here.

Thanks for the help!

r. j o s e p h
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