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Re: When is a script an application

by arashi (Priest)
on Nov 07, 2001 at 21:54 UTC ( #123867=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to When is a script an application

Where I work we have two types of employees: web designers and web application developers. The web designers write scripts, nothing fancy, mostly just working from a template that has been provided for them, mostly pure HTML with a little JavaScript. The web application developers also write scripts (since Perl, HTML, etc... are all scripting languages, they are writing scripts), however the projects they work on are deemed to be applications because they provide some sort of interaction with a user, and are dynamic. As soon as a web designer writes something that is fits the definition of an application, they become a web application designer. No one employee is more important that another, at least where I work.

I guess if I'm writing some code for myself, that does some little job, I can really call it an application. However, as soon as I write some code that can be used by other users, and provides some service other than displaying static data, I would call that code an application, no matter what language it was written in.

Personally I don't think the measure of an individuals skill should be based on whether or not he/she is writing scripts or applications, but it should be based on the usefulness and quality of the code they write.

I hope my thoughts on this matter help you answer your questions.


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