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Hi Leads, I have one doubt on TOTAL element while you suggested use this in Pivot table

I need your help to understand the TOTAL Element as I need to develop +the same in Java. Can I get any help? I do understand the associated array is not there in Java compare to P +erl. Can you please let me know how I can interpret between Perl and +Java. This is same critical project. I am able to generate the data through java but got stuck in +Pivot table creation in Java. I really would like understand the TOTA +L element here if you don't don't have any coding solution for JAVA.
$app = $responseapps5[$k]; $device = $responseclientdevice[$k]; $browser = $responseclientbrowser[$k]; $userid = $responseid[$k]; ++$pivot{$app}{$device}{$browser}; ++$pivot{$app}{'TOTAL'}{$browser}; ++$pivot{$app}{'TOTAL'}{'TOTAL'}; ++$pivot{$app}{$device}{'TOTAL'}; ++$pivot{'TOTAL'}{$device}{$browser}; #++$pivot{$app}{$browser}; ++$categ{'device'}{$device}; ++$categ{'browser'}{$browser}; ++$app{$app}; $row1++; #print Dumper $app;