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This is pretty clean, put your private stuff into a sub-package and alias that long package path it to a shorter package name at compile time.

(of course these subs won't be able to call imported subs in the parent package without full qualification or inheritance ;-)

use strict; use warnings; package X::Y::Z::my; # sub package sub xyz {warn "xyz called" } package Y::Y::Z; BEGIN { *::my:: = *X::Y::Z::my:: ; # alias sub package to my:: } # END { # delete alias at file's end # delete $::{"my::"}; # } my::xyz(); BEGIN { # delete alias here for demo delete $::{"my::"}; } package Other; my::xyz(); # fails alias already gone

C:/Perl_524/bin\perl.exe d:/exp/ xyz called at d:/exp/ line 6. Undefined subroutine &my::xyz called at d:/exp/ line 3 +0.

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the magic in the BEGIN/END blocks could be done in the importer of a module called with

use  PackageAlias "X::Y:Z::my" => "my" and no PackageAlias "my"


I just realised that Package::Alias already exists, even with a pretty similar interface.

Skipped colons in my example to avoid confusion.