in reply to How can I read DATA in parent and child?

I assume that this is a simplified example and that you are trying to understand the issue rather looking for a workaround, but in just in case... you could read the DATA before forking...

use strict; use warnings; my @data = <DATA>; my $pid= fork(); die unless defined $pid; if ($pid == 0) { print "Start c\n"; for (@data) { print "c: $_"; sleep 1; } print "stop c\n"; } else { print "Start p\n"; for (@data) { print "p: $_"; sleep 1; } print "stop p\n"; } __DATA__ a b c d e

I admit that I do not know either what the fork/DATA problem is. If you put in a sleep statement before the loop you can control whether the parent or the child reads the DATA segment but this is not helpful either.