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Re^2: After Perl5, I'm mostly interested in:

by kschwab (Vicar)
on Jan 03, 2019 at 12:57 UTC ( #1227981=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: After Perl5, I'm mostly interested in:
in thread After Perl5, I'm mostly interested in:

Well, "After" meaning "Besides", or "Other than", not "After you're done with Perl5". Some of the comments mention, for example, SQL (presumably from Perl) and C for XS modules.

Personally, I've spent some time with Nim (very cool, Python like, but transpiles to 'C') and Golang. Also recently posted my first XS module on CPAN.

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Re^3: After Perl5, I'm mostly interested in:
by 1nickt (Canon) on Jan 03, 2019 at 13:52 UTC


    Besides Perl and the other "languages" I need to know to use Perl (SQL, some Perl tool DSLs, used to be JavaScript/HTML/CSS), I try to stay as far away from the computer as possible! I try to balance what's in my head between the virtual and the physical, and mostly what interests me other than Perl is working the land and raising my animals. What I do for a living is so completely inconsequential in the face of life, death and meaning, that in other pursuits I most enjoy producing tangible results. I mean really tangible, like eggs, or a neat manure pile ...

    The way forward always starts with a minimal test.

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